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Stallion Power Air Coil Hoses
  • Coiled Air Hose Assembly - Our heavy duty truck air brake coil hoses (pigtails or pig tail lines) are 2 times thicker than nylon brands.
  • Our trucking air brake coil hoses are GUARANTEED against breaking and leaking in extreme cold temperatures to -70 F.
  • Superior Flexing Strength
  • 3-year warranty
"You won't have to worry about replacing your air lines for at least five years. They're warranted against kinking, sagging, cold & hot temperatures, oil, chemicals, and flexing fatigue. Nylon brands usually come with just a 1-year warranty."
Stallion Power Electrical Coiled Cables
  • Heavy duty, INDESTRUCTABLE Xenoy plugs are stronger than metal, nylon, and plastic.
  • Our trucking electrical cables are GUARANTEED not to accidentally disengage from a pull force of up to 480 pounds.
  • Maintains critical constant electrical power between your truck and trailer at all times.
  • 3-year warranty
"You won't have to worry about replacing these cables for at least 3 years. They are warranted against plug breakage or coil memory loss!"